Man Pleads Not Guilty to Gross Sexual Assault Charges 

A Greenville Junction man accused of raping two children has pleaded not guilty. Shawn Worster, 49, is charged with 10 counts of gross sexual assault and 21 counts of unlawful sexual contact.He was arraigned in Piscataquis County Superior Court on Tuesday.District Attorney Chris Almy says Worster sexually abused two children younger than 10 during a three-year period.Almy said Worster was arrested after one of the victims wrote a letter telling her mother what happened and she reported the crime to the sheriff’s office.”The detective in this case, who’s from the sheriff’s department Piscataquis County has a lot of experience with dealing with child molesters, interviewed Mr. Worster and Mr. Worster gave a very detailed lengthy confession about how he’d gone about these offenses and why he had done what he did,” said Almy.Almy said if this case goes to trial, the confession will be a key piece of evidence along with victim statements.