Congressman Michaud Tours Maine Pulp and Paper Industry 

Congressman Mike Michaud is touring Maine’s pulp and paper industry.During the five day tour he will visit seven of the state’s mills.Michaud is hearing firsthand from mill administrators, forest managers, and suppliers about the challenges they face to stay competitive in the marketplace.On Tuesday he toured the Old Town Fuel and Fiber Mill.The congressman is using the visits as an opportunity to highlight the importance that US trade partners live up to their obligations.Michaud is trying to draw attention to illegal foreign subsidies that damage the industry here in the US. “It definitely is because its about jobs and the economy, and when you look at the paper industry here in Maine, and all across the country, they’re good paying jobs by and large with good healthcare benefits but it’s the rippling effects that it has on the community,” Michaud said.Congressman Michaud’s next stop is Wednesday at the Lincoln Paper and Tissue Mill.