Puppy Love 

Joy Hollowell

Puppy love will take on a whole new meaning this Valentine’s Day.That’s because five roly, poly pups will be up for adoption.They and their mother were just days away from being euthanized.Joy Hollowell tells us about a local group that saved their lives.====”She’s 10 months old, she gave birth in a shelter. She was emaciated,” says Lynne Cox, foster mom to Shady, a Husky/Shepard mix.Shady was also 48 hours away from death. That’s when Nicky Bowman got involved. The Alton woman is the director of HuskyN Lab rescue.”We work with shelters down in North Carolina and Kentucky to save dogs from euthanasia,” says Bowman. “They have a little over 50-70% of a kill rate in their shelters, so we provide them with an alternative to find homes.”Bowman says the hold time is typically 2 to 3 days, so saving their lives becomes a race against the clock.”You’ve got very minimal time from the email or post, to act,” explains Bowman. “We have lots of transport volunteers that run from Maine all the way to North Carolina and throughout to Kentucky as well.”Shady and her five pups are now being fostered by Cox. Three months earlier, the Orrington woman had rescued another dog, also on death row.”A friend of mine sent a link to HuskyN Lab and I saw the picture of my dog, Tank. And he was on 48 hours,” says Cox. “So I wanted him.”Now, Tank is sharing his space temporarily with five playful pals. Both Cox and Bowman are amazed at how far all of these animals have come.”Dogs like this should not have to go through this, they need love, attention, care,” says Bowman. “And that’s what we give them.”+++Shady’s puppies will be available for adoption on Valentine’s day.For more information, including other dogs currently in foster homes, how to become a foster parent, or donations, you can log onto HUSKY-N-LAB RESCUE DOT ORG. or calL Nicky at 394-2146.You can also find the group on Facebook.