Police: Seven Central Maine Businesses Burglarized During Weekend Crime Spree 

Police from three municipalities are working together to figure out who burglarized seven central Maine businesses Saturday night and early Sunday morning.Authorities in Waterville, Oakland and Fairfield reported businesses that were broken in to and the an undisclosed amount of cash was taken.In Oakland, Police Chief Rick Stubbert said three businesses in the Pine Acres Business Park on Kennedy Memorial Drive were burglarized. The owner of one of those businesses said the burglar or burglars broke a glass door to gain entrance.Stubbert said Shelby’s Deli, Tropical Sensations tanning salon and the Pinecone Gift and Furniture Store were all broken into and an undisclosed amount of cash was stolen from each. The owner of Shelby’s Deli in Oakland said $235 cash was stolen from there. Shelby’s posted the following message on their Facebook page:”To all our Deli customers, we wanted to tell you all ourselves because sometimes things like this can get blown out of proportion. The Deli was broken into last night along with several other businesses in our area. The thieves got away with our starting cash and that’s it. We will be open tomorrow as usual. Thanks to our awesome landlord, our front door was fixed very quickly! Of course, we were very upset, but we’re moving forward and business as usual! They might have stolen our money, but they didn’t get our hearts and they may have broken down our door, but they didn’t break our spirit! We love this town, we love our business neighbors and all y’all! Hope to see you all soon!”Meanwhile, a similar scene played out in Fairfield where police tell us two businesses housed in the same building at the corner of Main Street and Western Ave were also burglarized and cash was stolen from both. Police say Bittersweet Crossing and Kerri’s Nail and Hair Flair were the targets. Once again a window was found smashed and appears to be how the burglar or burglars got in. Later on in the early morning hours on Sunday, Waterville Police responded to an alarm activation at the Weathervane restaurant on Main Street. Deputy Police Chief Charles Rumsey said police arrived and found a window smashed in the back of the restaurant. Police searched inside the restaurant but found no one. Waterville police also searched nearby businesses to see if any other break-ins had occurred. During that search they discovered The Pinecone Gift Shop across the street had also been broken into. Nothing was taken from either of those places.Police believe the same person or persons is responsible for all seven break-ins. “Considering it was the same M/O at all the break-ins that’s a reasonable assumption at this point,” Rumsey said Monday. Police in all three towns are working together to investigate the crime spree.Anyone with information is being asked to call either:Waterville Police – 680-4200Oakland Police – 465-2202Fairfield Police – 453-9321