Kennebunk Zumba Instructors Hold Fundraiser to Sway Public’s View 

Zumba teachers in Kennebunk say the now infamous prostistution scandal has given their business a bad name.This weekend they wanted to show the community what Zumba is all about.They led more than two hours of classes to raise money for the Center for Grieving Children.About fifty people took part in the event.Zumba instructors say the prostitution case has attached a negative stigma to their exercise program.”Kind of in the fall, we saw some students dropping off. People that were going to try it, were afraid to try it. So, a lot of the negative thing. Even walking in town, I had my sign on Main Street, so people would stop and talk about it. So, it took a little dip, so we’re hoping that this is just a positive good environment,” said Zumba instructor, Judy Stark.Local businesses also donated to the fundraiser.