Boy Scouts Learn Survival Tips from Lifeflight Paramedics 

The Boy Scouts motto is “Be prepared.” Scouts learn about preparedness at their meetings with their troop leaders, but on Sunday Boy Scout Troop 102 and Venture Crew 1102 learned from a group who needs to be prepared for almost anything every day. Lifeflight crews showed the scouts a little bit of what they do when they go out on rescues.”I learned a lot about the aircraft and what lifeflight is all about,” said Boy Scout Justin Burgess.They chose this group of scouts because Troop 102 helped with a rescue earlier this month. On New Year’s Day the troop hiked Cadillac Mountain to see the first sunrise of 2013, but ended up aiding another hiker who was suffering from hypothermia.”We got her boots off and her wet socks, put some dry socks on her. We got her in a sleeping bag with some space blankets and we got her in a sheltered spot in the rocks,” Burgess explained.Flight paramedic Kalem Malcolm said, “Lifeflight was called to med evac the patient to a hospital and they provided some stabilizing care until we got there.”The Boy Scouts program taught them those important survival skills. Skills they expanded on during their time with Malcolm and Lifeflight of Maine Flight Nurse Jay Fonseca.”How to read a map and how to orient to a map, how to signal an aircraft and how to package a patient if they’re hypothermic, how to treat them until rescuers can get there,” explained Malcolm.Now the scouts can be even more prepared.