Winter Festival in Hallowell Geared Toward Active Kids 

Having fun outside now matter what season was exactly what the day was all about at the Bank of Maine Ice Vault in Hallowell for the The Kennebec WinterKids Festival.”WinterKids is all about kids getting outside active and having fun. You know the winter is the longest and often most sedentary season in Maine. Sometimes it can last for six months, as you know and we’re all about kids getting off the coach, gettingaway for the tv, and being outside and being healthy,” said Julie Mulkern, executive director of WinterKids.Heywood Kennel was there with a few of their sled dogs.”We even brought along a small sled with us, great for a kid with one dog, doesn’t matter what kind of a dog it is, you can teach them to pull a sled and you can get out in the winter and have some fun,” said David Farr, an employee at Heywood Kennel Sled Dog Adventures.Kids of all ages also got out on the ice.”Today was awesome because I went to the skiing rink and I loved just going around. It was so fun because I’d never actually been skating and I never actually knew how to, so I actually got to learn a little bit about how to skate,” asid Lydia Gilman, a fifth grader at China Middle School.”Winter can be really fun and it also isn’t equipment dependent. As fun as it is to snowshoe or downhill ski, or even ice skate, winter can be as easy building a snowman in your backyard, making your own sledding hill in your backyard as long and being active,” said Mulkern.If you’d like to find out more information about WinterKids, you can click on their website at can also find Heywood Kennel Sled Dog Adventures on Facebook, or call them at 629-9260.