Camden Residents Embrace the Cooler Temperatures 

Many of us may still be dreading the cold, but some people in Camden are embracing it!The 11th annual Winterfest Celebration was held on Saturday. Events included ice skating, live music, and even ice sculptures.Twelve teams created their own sculptures using 300 lb. blocks of ice. Participants agree that it was a perfect day to celebrate winter.Winterfest Committee Chairperson, Ken Gross “People are coming out because it’s been so frigid the past few days and finally it got up to 20 degrees so we got hoards of people.””It’s been great, been a great atmosphere. It’s been a fantastic day to have this so we’ve been lucky to have that,” said Jesse Simko, a Sculptor at the event.The ice sculptures can be seen in the Camden Amphitheater for what the committee calls a “Winter Ice Garden.”