Ghost Busters In Bangor 

Some Bangor based ghost busters are helping members of the community, in more ways than one. The East Coast Ghost Trackers debuted a new episode of their web series “Maine’s Most Haunted” at the Hammond Street Senior Center on Friday. All proceeds went directly towards the center. In this episode, the trackers investigate Fort Knox, in Prospect. They realize not all their fans actually believe in ghosts, but tonight they revealed some of their most convincing evidence. “It’s an apparition that appears in front of our infrared camera in between two windows, and the apparition, you can see it walk away,” said Jamie Dube, the group’s founder. “We like to do a lot of things for the community and helping out and, you know, it’s free for us, we like to do it, and if somebody else can benefit from what we’re doing, that’s great,” said Pater Farrar.For more information on the East Coast Ghost Trackers, visit their website at