Cause of Newport Fire Undetermined 

State fire investigators say they will likely never know what sparked a house fire in Newport Friday morning. It happened on Elm Street. We’re told the family dog alerted the owners to the smell of smoke. Newport crews were dealing with a fire in Stetson at the time, so Pittsfield firefighters were the first to respond. The weather coupled with the amount of smoke and fire made it very difficult. “When they arrived they could see a tiny bit of fire and the house was completely full of smoke, they tried to enter, the first line froze on them, and they had to back, back out due to heavy heat, they couldn’t really get to the fire at that point without any water by the time they got back in, there was just nothing they could do on the inside, the fire spread all through the house,” said Chief Jeff Chretien, with the Newport Fire Department. No one was hurt.