Waldo County Deputies Investigating Two Separate Burglaries 

Waldo County deputies are investigating two separate daytime burglaries. In both cases, the homeowners were home. Both burglaries happened on Sunday, January 20th. Deputies say the first burglary happened in Thorndike. A woman told deputies that a man kicked open the door, said he was looking for someone else, and left. The woman said there was a light colored SUV with a female driver waiting for the man. The second case reportedly happened in Monroe. A woman told deputies she noticed that her front door was wide open. She said there was an SUV in the driveway and she could hear someone upstairs. A man reportedly came downstairs, said he was looking for someone else, and left. Deputies believe the burglaries are related. If you have any information, call the Waldo County Sheriff’s Department at 338-2040.