Update: Jury Clears Hermon Man Who Killed Intruder of Selling Drugs 

A jury in Bangor has found a man from Hermon who shot and killed an intruder in his home last year not guilty of selling drugs. But jurors did convict him of having drugs. 25-year-old Daniel Williams faced three counts of drug trafficking and using a gun during those deals, along with three counts of possession of drugs. Prosecutors say last February some people went to Williams’ apartment and bought drugs.The next day, 30-year-old Robert Dellairo and 19-year-old Philip McIntyre, both of Bangor, broke in and Williams says he shot them to protect himself.Dellairo later died at a hospital. Williams has not been charged in that case.In court Wednesday afternoon, Williams admitted that some of the drugs found in his apartment after the shooting were his, but they were only for personal use. He also told the jury he never sold drugs to anyone and he didn’t know some of the drugs were determined to mixed with bath salts, either.Williams’ lawyer, Kirk Bloomer, says, “The jury took their time. They decided Dan was not guilty of three aggravated trafficking counts they did find him guilty of possessing illegal drugs. I think they worked hard and it was a good result. My client’s very happy with it.”Prosecutors also asked that Williams be ordered to forfeit more than $2,600 cash and a gun found in his apartment. The judge did agree that the gun should be turned over to the state. He’s still considering what to do with the money and will have a decision on that by the time Williams is sentenced February 1st.