Portland Folks Suffer Through Cold 

You might not like the cold but, right now, you have to live with it, and some people have to work in it.It’s not easy to shoulder the cold, but Ronald Murray still manages to be warm to his customers.Murray is working an eight hour shift on the coldest day we’ve seen in two years.”I think the last couple years we’ve been very fortunate to experience atypical winters, and now Mother Nature has reminded us that we’re still here.”The Big Apple at the corner of Forest and Park Avenues is one of the few gas stations that still pumps for you, that’s why Murray says it’s especially busy.The single-digit temperatures in Portland, and sub-freezing with the wind chill.If some drivers say it’s too cold to get out of the car, Ken Murphy says it was definitely too cold to go out for a four mile jog.”I think I need to rethink what I am doing. You definitely don’t do this at this time of year. This wasn’t a very wise decision for me to do today.”But meanwhile, Mainers like Mark Hallet didn’t even wear a coat.Hallet is from southern Aroostick county.”It’s above zero: the wind’s not really blowing worth anything. So, it’s a nice and warm day down here.”In case you missed the forecast, Friday is going to be very cold too.