Bangor Shelter Needs Help Keeping the Homeless Warm 

Subzero temperatures keep most of us bundled up or inside, but there’s a group of people who just don’t have that luxury. “Someone will show up today without something on their head or without mittens. So those things right now are critical,” said Dennis Marble, Executive Director of the Bangor Area Homeless Shelter. The shelter needs donations this time of year, especially backpacks, belts, and outerwear to keep the homeless safe on frigid days.Marble said, “Clean underwear is critically important for these folks and it reinforces a little measure of dignity at the same time.”The Executive Director said the shelter on Main Street has been at capacity for three years, but during the cold months, they fight for extra space. “In the winter, we step it up and add five cots to the 38 beds that we have. We put the cots in the TV room on the second floor.”Marble said by the time winter comes around, many homeless in Bangor have hunkered down for the season, but he worries about the people who might cross the frozen Penobscot River or the ones who are living in cars and abandoned homes. “We, as a society, have people struggling with mental illness who, through no fault of their own, are trying to process information and make decisions with barriers the rest of us don’t have to deal with mentally.”With these issues, the shelter continues to reach out to other agencies in the area, like Acadia Hospital and the Bangor Police Department for help. If you’d like to help keep the homeless warm you can contact the shelter at 947 -0092 or visit