One Woman Finds a Way to Help College Students in Waldo County 

A store in Belfast has everything a family needs: clothing, games, and all sorts of toys, but for the owner, this is so much more than a one-stop-shop. Johanna Cox sits behind the cash register money every day, but she doesn’t keep a penny for herself. “All of the teenagers come in here and if any of them aren’t going to college, I lecture them. If they drop out of school, they’re lectured. I’m a constant little lecturer,” said Cox. All of the profits made through Johanna’s Threads and Bare Essentials goes right into the pockets of college students in Waldo county. The owner said, “I don’t give them $100 to go buy drugs, no. I give them a check and it’s made out to the college.”And she wants to give these students more than just financial help. “I give them love for one thing. I give them a lot of attention. I tell them a lot of rights and wrongs,” said Cox. The life-long volunteer said she doesn’t even know how many children she has helped over the years, but she thinks a college education is something you can’t pass up and she’ll do whatever it takes to help. Cox said, “If I die tomorrow, I’ll know that I did this and that’s what I want to do.”But owner doesn’t restrict her giving to Waldo county. After Hurricane Sandy, she sent two full truck loads of clothing and games to New York and New Jersey.