Milford School Committee Draws Crowd Of Parents 

There was a special meeting for the Milford School Committee at the Dr. Lewis S. Libby School on Tuesday night.The meeting was prompted by a few time sensitive issues, but some parents had an agenda of their own.They’re upset with committee for a number of reasons, however public comment was not allowed.Committee Chair Gary Drinkwater says that has been suspended for the foreseeable future, following a contentious meeting on January 18th.As scheduled, Principal James Friel’s resignation, due to health reasons, was accepted. Jim Russell was named as an interim replacement.The committee also approved an overnight trip to Sugarloaf for Special Olympics participants.Two other matters were discussed in executive session.Parents say they’re seeking 260 signatures to recall the committee chair, Gary Drinkwater, during a special election in March.”There’s been some concern with the administrative levels and the school board levels so, you know that level of increased concern you’re going to find that there’s more and more people coming out,” said Todd Saucier, a local parent. “I think they’re unhappy I am on the school board and I’ve said it in the paper and I’ll say it again, I think they’re nothing but a special interest group that just want one thing and that is everything for their kids. We on the board have to balance it between the community, taxpayers and what’s best for the kids. It’s not always what’s best for the kids: it’s what’s best for the community,” said Drinkwater. The Milford school committee will meet again on February 14th.