Local Organizations Help Washington and Hancock County Residents Keep Homes Warm 

There’s no doubt, it’s cold outside.”We’re talking temperatures during the day that will only be a couple of degrees either side of zero, then on top of that, you have the wind chill, which is running below zero. So, you’re talking very, very cold weather. If you have to be outside, you’re talking 15-25 minutes, maybe, before you get frost bite, if you’re outside for any length of time,” says WABI TV5 meteorologist Todd Simcox.Keeping warm inside is your best bet.But, have you done everything you can to keep the cold out?At the Washington Hancock Community Agency, they want folks to know there are things they can easily do to cut down on drafts in their home and lower their heating costs.Especially in older homes.”We have some of the oldest housing stock in the state, actually,” says WHCA Family Assistance Advocate, Susan Farley.Looking for funding to help residents keep their home warm isn’t easy anymore, especially after many programs were cut. Some area rotary clubs decided to help WHCA by donating materials for winterization kits.”We were thrilled when the local rotary clubs came to us and said ‘We’ve got this idea. We’d really like to be able to help out. What can we do?’ So, they came up with the idea of these winterization kits. We’re giving them away, they’re free, all people need to do is give us a phone call and we’ll get you hooked up so that you can get one of the kits,” says Farley.The kits include pipe and outlet insulation.Part of the kit contains materials for one of easiest things people can do, which is seal their windows with plastic.”Honestly, plastic over windows and caulking are really the simple things that can be done, but they cut down a lot on drafts coming into homes,” says Farley.Getting assistance from area organizations, as well as some local banks, is what she says this community needs this winter.”Having a group like this work with us is really great, because we’ve seen so many cuts to so many programs. This is really what it takes this year to get folks through,” says Farley.If you would like a kit, just call Amy Moore at WCHA’s Machias office at 546-7544.