Frankfort Moves Closer to Withdrawing from RSU 20 

Frankfort is taking another step forward in breaking away from its school district. The Board of Directors in SAD 22 approved a plan last week for Frankfort Elementary School to withdraw from RSU 20 and join SAD 22.That district is made up of Hampden, Newburgh and Winterport. Under the plan, about 175 students would start moving over to SAD 22 in the fall. The school, which is scheduled to close, would not re-open.SAD 22 Superintendent Richard Lyons says the plan is a win-win for both districts.”Without question, we’re very optimistic with the number of children coming in, again, will give us good stability from an enrollment perspective and from a financial perspective, we’ll now have four partners sharing to educate the children in our district.”That includes splitting the cost to pay for the new Hampden Academy. A couple of public hearings are now scheduled for people to learn more about the plan. The first is January 28th at Samuel Wagner Middle School in Winterport.The second is February 26th at Reeds Brook Middle School in Hampden. Voters in Frankfort will then decide on the plan March 28th. Folks in SAD 22 will go to the polls April 9th.