Orrington Couple Trying To Help Orphanage In Nepal 

What started as an adoption of a child grew into support for an entire orphanage in Nepal.A Maine couple’s attempt to give one child a home, has turned into an effort to help dozens of other kids.Mike and Tonya Davis of Orrington have a daughter of their own and have cared for foster children too.In 2008, they brought home their first adopted child, a daughter from China.A couple of years later, they were looking at adoption again and this time, they found a boy named Trek in Nepal.”The childrens’ home that he lived in at the time, they did the very best they could with what they had,” said Mike Davis. “The conditions there, I’d say, were not very good. There was four or five babies in one crib and they looked like they weren’t getting quite enough to eat.”The orphanage is trying to put up a new building, but it’s not finished. They are out of money. American adoptions in Nepal have been put on hold so the kids are living there for the foreseeable future.”First and second floor is not completed so we need to complete this building as soon as possible to keep the 50 children safe, and the children who are living there because we do not have a compound and then we have nothing,” said Maya Tamata the Vice President and Founder of Children Welfare Home in Nepal. “We have no roof on the building we need to cover it.”When the Davis’ were there adopting Trek, they looked into the faces of the other kids in that orphanage and knew they had to help. “To see their faces and just to know that they have no leader, no parental figures, no mother, no father it does something to you and it’s been on my mind and on my heart ever since.”To help other kids like Trek, the Davis’ asked the founders of the Children Welfare Home to come here in hopes of getting sponsors or donations.They are in Orrington this week and will then head to Washington D.C. “The future for the children will be safe to be in that building one thing, and another thing they will have allowed to go to school, to have good health,” said Tamata.”Even in hard economic times,” said Davis. “How much we have and what they could possibly sacrifice you maybe maybe a little to help someone on the other side of the world. It’s a fight, day by day, it’s a fight to get your next meal.”The project is about $100,000 short of completion.If you’d like to help out, you can contact the Davis’ through their email [email protected] more information about The Children Welfare Home you can visit their website.