100 Kids Go Shoe Shopping Thanks to Payless Grant 

100 local kids visited the Payless Shoe Store in the Bangor Mall on Monday on a mission to find the perfect pair of shoes.Through the Payless Shoes 4 Kids Program, they were able to focus on style and comfort instead of money. The Maine Native Boys and Girls Club secured the grant, so each kid had $20 to spend.”They’re realizing that with the $20 gift card that they’re getting, that they’re leaving with two pairs of shoes, not just one,” said Carla Knapp, Chief Professional Officer for the Maine Native Boys and Girls Club.The kids had a great time combing through the racks and trying different shoes on. Many of them needed a new pair.”I have old shoes, and they got all ruined. I have to buy new ones,” explained 7-year-old Skyler Larson.As they strolled out of the store in their new pairs of shoes, they were each handed a brand new backpack. That’s thanks to another grant, this one through the Today Show and an organization called Thirty-One Gifts.The Micmac Boys & Girls Club, Maliseet Boys & Girls Club, Sipayik Boys & Girls Club and Passamaquoddy Boys & Girls Club each brought 25 deserving kids to shop.”Some of them I think really could use the help, so we try to do as many things like this for the kids,” said Joe McLaughlin, Director of the Sipayik Boys & Girls Club.These new shoes are just one way the clubs are helping these kids get started on the right foot.