Watchdog Dads Brings Positive Male Role Models In To Belgrade School 

A group of fathers in Belgrade have found a way to make a positive impact in the lives of children in their community.Watchdog Dads was first formed in 1998 as a way to bring positive male role models into schools. Now, just 15 years later, there’s nearly 2600 chapters in 42 states.Belgrade Central School is home to the only one in New England. “In the first two months that we’ve had this program, 2/3 of the time there’s been a dad on site helping,” said Chris Rhoda, who is responsible for bringing the program here. “I heard about it a couple months ago on the evening news. I’d been volunteering for a few months at my daughter’s school now and I saw the program and thought wow this would be a great way to get some other dads in the school as well.”Rhoda is an IT specialist at Thomas College and his daughter Emma is a student here. “It’s really fun to have him here because I like going out to recess with him and eating lunch,” Emma said.The volunteer dads arrive at school at 7:30 and spend their day wearing a variety of hats. Teaching assistant, playmate, role model and hero. “I get a limited number of vacation days, but this is worthwhile enough to take one of those and participate,” said Watchdog Dad Peter Labbe. “It’s been enjoyable. I’ve particularly enjoyed working with the kids in reading. It’s nice to be able to help the kids who need a little extra help.”If you’re interested in bringing the Watchdog Dads program to your school you can find all the information on their website: