At Least One Loses Job after Misuse of Funds 

A case involving a reported misuse of inmate funds has cost at least one Washington County Jail employee her job.She was let go after a marathon hearing held by Washington county commissioners that lasted well into last night.The hearing looks the same in public as it does behind closed doors. Washington County Jail Administrator Capt. Robert Gross and Jail Clerk Karina Richardson spoke before county commissioners to explain their work-related expenses over the past year.According to a report released by the county’s lawyer, Peter Marchesi, nearly $7,300 from the inmate benefit account was used by gross and richardson to buy items including dvds, books, and cellphones.”I came here to set the record straight on all my bras and stuff,” Richardson said. “That was more important to me than getting my job back.”Richardson says her clothing purchases were approved by the county, including 5 bras, saying none of that money was taken from the inmate fund. Even so, she was terminated after the commissioners believe she used the money for personal gain. “We’re obviously pleased with the decision so far. We think the commissioners are handling this hearing and situation very well.”Even though a decision was made in regards to Richardson, commissioners agreed they did not have enough time to look over all of the details from Captain Gross’ case.They will meet January 24th to determine the jail administrator’s position. Step two is continuing the investigation for this. It was an employment hearing Friday.After the commission makes a decision on gross’ employment, they will hand investigation over to the Attorney General’s office for any criminal findings.”It doesn’t matter who allegations are made against. It’s important we are extremely thorough and no one escapes scrutiny.”