Pets Saved from Newport House Fire 

Some quick thinking likely prevented a house in Newport from being severely damaged by fire. Around noon Thursday fire crews were called to a house fire on Water Street. A boy riding home on the bus saw the fire and told his dad about it when he got home. His dad ran down to the house and was one of the first people there. ” When we got there, there was flames shooting up the side of the building, out the window there, out of a unit. I’m not sure what the unit was. The policeman had a fire extinguisher and he applied the entire fire extinguisher to it, all around, but it kept flaring back up. It was pretty persistent,” said Brett Ludden, who lives up the street from where the fire happened. The unit was a wood pellet burner that goes in a window. Lt. Adam Noyes with the Newport Fire Department says they believe the unit is what sparked the fire. Turtles, dogs, and cats were rescued from inside the house, and are expected to be fine, according to Noyes. The homeowners were not there at the time. We’re told there is minimal damage to the house.