Local Political Professor say Maine Leaders Play a Role in President’s Gun Control Plan 

A local political science professor says President Obama’s gun control plan, which includes stiffer background checks and a ban on assault weapons, faces a difficult battle in Washington. And Maine’s Congressional delegation will play an important role in the fight. Mark Brewer is an associate professor at Umaine. He says despite a solid majority of Americans in favor of tighter gun restrictions, the president will have to convince some members of his own party, along with Republicans, to support his proposal. The broad-based plan was rolled out Wednesday in light of the school shooting in Connecticut last month. Brewer says legislators like Senator Susan Collin and Congressman Mike Michaud will certainly shape the outcome of the plan. “Maine, obviously, is a largely rural state, the history of firearms ownership in the state is a long one. And you can see in Senator Collins statement that she put out yesterday that she recognizes that, but at the same time she indicated that there’s also a responsibility for Congress to do what they can to try to prevent future episodes, mass shootings, things like Newtown and Aurora.” The president’s proposal also has to go up against the National Rifle Association, which is a well-funded and highly-organized group opposed to the plan.Brewer says the biggest question is now much the Newtown shooting has changed the political landscape. He says right now, the answer is unclear.