Ice Bar & Lounge Opens Friday in Rockport 

Ice sculptures and designers have had their hands full in Rockport this week.18,000 pounds of crystal clear ice is being transformed into an ice bar and lounge at the Samoset Resort.This is the first winter they’ve opened in several years.To celebrate, the team is carving and assembling 300 pound blocks of ice using carving tools and chainsaws for the opening on Friday.The Frost Ice Bar and Lounge is inspired by the original bars and lounges in Scandinavia.Everything except for the fire pit and faux fur cushions will be crafted out of ice.Tim Pierce, Executive Chef and Head Ice Carver for the Samoset invites everyone to come to the Samoset. “There’s no charge to come and see the ice bar. The restaurants will be open and we’ll be selling drinks and things, but if everybody wants to come and see and enjoy it, that’s what it’s for. It’s for the public and everybody to come.”The Frost Ice Bar and Lounge opens Friday, January 18 and will stay open through the weekend, and then they will open back up the following Friday, January 25. The event is weather permitting, so if temps start warming up you may want to give the Samoset a call before it’s reduced to a puddle!For more information call 594–2511