Warren Farm Provides Old-Fashioned Service In Rockland 

There’s a new service in Rockland this winter that will take folks back in time.Brian Smith, owner of Oyster River Winegrowers in Warren, is a winegrower during the warmer seasons and has recently started a winter business.It’s a business that wouldn’t go anywhere without the help of his 17-year-old Belgian draft horse, Don.”We’re going to be delivering groceries today to downtown Rockland by horse-drawn wagon,” said Smith.After being hitched up to a restored 1930’s wagon, it’s time for Don to hit the town.”Each route is pretty close to ten miles with Don and we make several stops along the way,” said Smith.They make various deliveries to 55 customers in the area, including Rockland City Hall. They also deliver right to people’s doorsteps.Customers they service get something a little different each week.”Always bread, meat, cheese, some mixed vegetables and a bottle of wine. Every week it’s a little bit different. The wine is from our farm right now, and then we use local ‘friend’ farmers in the area for all of the rest of the products at this point,” said Smith.Their growing customer base loves the weekly service for different reasons.”Some people are like, ‘Oh, I just love the food you know, doesn’t matter if it travels by horse or a big diesel truck, it doesn’t matter to me,’ but then there are the people who just love the horse experience,” said Smith.During the colder months, it’s a way to bring in additional business for him.”It’s a great way for us to distribute our income over 12 months a little bit better,” said Smith.While giving Don a chance to trot through town during the slower months.If you would like to find out more on the delivery services and what the farm has to offer, you can click on