Snowy Conditions Cause a Handful of Accidents in the Bangor Area 

Mainers are used to driving through most winter weather, but sometimes even the best drivers find themselves in difficult situations.A SUV and school bus collided on Route 2 in Skowhegan on Wednesday morning, leaving the driver of the SUV with minor injuries.Then in just an hour span, three accidents happened between Interstate 95 and 395 in Bangor. All of this, with barely an inch of snow on the ground.Director of Public Works for the City of Bangor, Dana Wardwell said “It may only be a two, three, four inch snow storm, but if it’s left on the streets, it turns into ice and creates problems.”AAA Spokesman Chris Hill said some of the most important things to do before you leave the driveway, are to check your tires and the windshield wipers. “The Number one most important thing you need to know is to take your time and to give yourself enough time to get where you need to go,” said Hill. Braking isn’t always the safest way to stop in during a storm.The AAA Spokesman said “It is easier and sometimes safer to steer around a problem instead of brake.”Hill says four-wheel drive is a good thing to have, but it’s not the cure to driving in winter weather. “It does not stop your vehicle from hitting ice or going off the road.”But if worse comes to worse, and you start to lose control of your car, Hill said try steering the car in the direction you want to go. “So if you’re on the road and you start veering off to the right, but you want to stay left on the road, you need to steer and be looking left.”There is also a parking ban in downtown Bangor from 11:00 pm on Wednesday, January 16th until 6:00 am on Thursday, January 17th.