Woman Files Lawsuit against Maine Department of Transportation 

An Eddington woman has filed a lawsuit against the Maine Department of Transportation. Gretchen Heldmann has been active in meetings regarding a proposed I-395 connector. Her attorney, Logan Perkins, filed a lawsuit saying the MDOT has not provided public documents Heldmann requested under the state Freedom of Access Act. The papers were requested in December, and according to the lawsuit, the Maine Department of Transportation said it would cost Heldmann $400 to get the paperwork. Perkins wants to know why it would cost so much and why the records might be confidential. The lawsuit claims that the requested materials should not be considered confidential and should not need review time. The paperwork is connected to a project that has been in the words for about 10 years. It would extend I-395 at Wilson Street and would follow the Holden-Brewer line toward Eddington to connect with Route 9. ” We are aware of it, we are in the process of reviewing the complaint. We will do that very promptly. We take all responsibilities under the Freedom of Access Act very seriously and work hard to comply with all the requirements on the law. We’re hopeful the issues will be worked out between the parties,” said Toni Kemmerle, chief counsel and director of legal services for the Maine Department of Transportation.