Stetson Town Office Building Causes Controversy 

A cramped space in the Stetson Public Library is a makeshift home for the Stetson town office and its workers. Administrative assistant Diana Lacadie said, “We moved into just that small area first and then they built us this little addition to give us a little more space and do the best we can do for now.”They’ve been at the library since August when they noticed a foul smell in the town office building. It tested positive for airborne black mold. The town’s board of selectmen held an emergency meeting and they moved into the library as a temporary fix.”We got them out, got them into a safe space,” said Brenda Clark, Co-Chair of the Stetson Board of Selectmen.Two of the three women who work at the office have sat in that building for six years. They’re worried about potential health problems, but they say their insurance won’t pay for their medical care.Meantime, the town needs to find a more permanent solution. “None of us are in favor of going back into that building at all,” said Lacadie.The problem is not everyone agrees on what that solution should be.”The town splits two ways sometimes and we’ve got a good opinion from a lot of people that we need a new town office. I don’t want to see the girls go back into that old town office,” said George Hockstadter, a member of the Stetson Board of Selectmen.But there are some folks in town who say, “What’s the big deal?”. They say lots of buildings have mold and they want the town office to stay right where it is.”They’ve had at three different occasions three different men in town have come in [the library] and ranted and raved at them. And it’s not the girls’ fault that this happened,” said Stetson resident Marlene Webber.The Board of Selectmen has appointed a building committee that is looking into the issue. Clark said, “I think the consensus of the board is that either [the library] building will be made larger or there will be a new one.”Then in June, the town will decide in a referendum vote.Lacadie said, “With the difference in opinion, we don’t know where we’re headed.”