RSU 2.9 Million Dollar Loan Fails 

It appears that voters in the Newport area have rejected a 2.9 million dollar loan for their school district.In November, RSU 19 voters turned down a 3.6 million dollar loan which triggered cuts to after school activities and staffing.In a statement issued on Tuesday night, superintendent of RSU 19 Gregory Potter said, ”With all towns having reported in, RSU 19 voters appear to have rejected a loan appeal, a second time. Results were quite close. We will work to verify all results in order to make them official on Wednesday morning.””A loan would have helped to rectify the very serious financial situation the district is facing. Today’s result is quite disappointing: however, the public has spoken, and I will plan to have further discussions with the RSU 19 board of directors to determine next steps.”We will continue to follow those results as they are reported officially.