Kindness in Honor of Sandy Hook Victims Reaches Special Needs Children in Ellsworth 

At Special Children’s Friends in Ellsworth, they have one daily goal.”To help kids move one step further along to reaching their potential,” said the lead teacher, Debbie Borophy.The facility assists special needs children and their families.Teachers there hope they can help their students in every way they can.Similar to Anne Marie Murphy, a teacher’s assistant who died protecting 6-year-old Dylan Morley during the horrific shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary.Nicole Austin is a blogger for Massachusetts-based Cathy’s Creations. Their motto is “jewelry with a heart.””What we’ve been doing is 26 acts of kindness for the 26 victims at Sandy Hook Elementary School and we’ve been picking something about each individual and doing something in their honor,” said Austin.She got to spread some kindness at Special Children’s Friends, which has a big place in her heart.”Today was for Anne Marie Murphy, who was a special education teacher and that really touched me, because my son has gone to special children’s friends and he’s been very loved and very taken care of by the teachers, so, I wanted to use this opportunity to reach out,” said Austin.Austin surprised the school with an iPad.”I was very touched to have been given a gift in memory of a special education teacher, since I’m a special education teacher,” said Borophy.It’s a day she’ll always remember.”I’ll think of two things: the lady who we were honoring by the gift and I’ll think of the family that chose to honor me that way,” said Borophy.”It helps you feel like the bad things in life that happen you can’t change them, but you change what happens after. You can make a difference in the world,” said Austin.You can click on