Former Governor Baldacci Talks about National Debt 

Former Maine Governor John Baldacci has a lot to say about the national debt. Baldacci was the featured speaker at Tuesday morning’s Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce Annual Breakfast. The democrat says lawmakers in Washington could learn from the way things are done in Maine. Baldacci says Maine’s leaders frequently work across the aisle to get things done. ” We’ve gotta be able to recognize that compromise is not a dirty word, that we can’t get all that we want, but if we could move it down the field in the direction that’s good for our country that’s in all of our interests and I think we’ve got to be mature enough to recognize that,” said Baldacci. The nation’s debt is now at $16-trillion. Baldacci says a plan needs to be put together soon so that the country can focus on other things, like our children’s future. Maine Repuplicans responded to Baldacci’s remarks by questioning his concern about the debt. They point out while Baldacci was in Congress, the non-profit group “Citizens Against Government Waste” said he voted for wasteful spending between 93% and 100% of the time.