Local Grange Continues To Be A Community Resource 

Years ago, the local grange hall was the place to be if you grew up in a rural town.”There was quite a crowd, everybody,” said 87-year-old Harriett Mitchell of Abbot.Folks Mitchell’s age remember gathering at the grange for town events.She said, “They’d have a lunch and sometimes they had plays and everything. It really was fun.”More than anything, granges were a community resource. Many of them have closed over the years, but Valley Grange in Guilford is still around and still doing good work.”There’s many organizations that just need a little bit of a helping hand, a place to hold a dinner and we always give them that free of charge,” said Mary Annis, Valley Grange Secretary and Community Service Chairman.Its latest endeavor is to help folks remember the granges that have closed over the years, while helping out another local organization.Over in Dover-Foxcroft, the old Central Hall is undergoing a major renovation project. The plan is to turn the second floor into a space that can be used for wedding receptions and other events. The first floor will be turned into an adult day care and senior center. They’re paying for it with personalized bricks that will someday make up Central Hall’s new walkway.Annis said, “Valley Grange would like to buy bricks for the 3 granges that were in Dover and Foxcroft.”One brick for the old South Dover Grange, one for the East Dover Grange and one for Central Grange. In the process, Valley Grange will be contributing to this community project.Annis said, “Whenever we see a need, we try to be there for it, in this case it’s more monetary, but we would like to honor those granges that have come and gone.”If you’d like more information about how to purchase a brick of your own and to contribute to the Central Hall project, contact Mary Annis at 564-0820.