Labor-Depicting Mural Finds New Home in State Museum 

Nearly two years after sparking a political firestorm, a mural depicting scenes from Maine’s labor history is back on display, but not at the Department of Labor.In March 2011, Governor Lepage ordered the mural removed from the Labor Department lobby.It now hangs in the entryway of the Cultural Center at the Maine State Museum in Augusta.A federal court ruled the governor did have the right to move the mural from the Labor Department.The new director of the Maine State Museum, Bernard Fishman, suggested displaying it in the atrium of the cultural building.That’s where it is now, on loan for at least three years.”We hope that within that time we can find a permanent solution,” said Fishman. “It would be lovely if they were ultimately to become part of the museum collection and then to be displayed in the museum but that’s something that we’ll have to talk about over time.”The governor said the mural didn’t belong in the Labor Deparment because it represents a one-sided view of history from the point of view of organized labor.