Bangor Landlords To Be Held Responsible For Tenants 

Landlords in Bangor will soon be held accountable for their tenants’ actions.In an 8 -1 vote, the city council passed an ordinance establishing a framework to alleviate problems created by, what they call, “chronic unlawful or nuisance activity”.Under the ordinance, if police respond to a disturbance complaint at an apartment, the landlord will receive a warning from the city.If there’s a second disturbance within 60 days, it would be classified by the police chief as a “disruptive property”.Then, the owner has to agree to a code and fire safety inspection, then to meet with the police chief, to develop a plan to avoid future incidents.As long as the owner makes a “good faith” effort to resolve the issues, they wouldn’t face a fine.However, if that does not happen, fines between $500 and $1,000 dollars could be served.