Midcoast Community Chorus Prepares For Weekend Concerts 

A 140 person jazz ensemble from Rockport is spreading the spirit of community, through song.On Thursday the Midcoast Community Chorus rehearsed at Peakes Auditorium at Bangor High School.We got a preview of their new performance with their world renowned musicians.”They’re very real. You can make a mistake, you can be comfortable. You don’t have to put on any airs. Everyone here is really appreciative of each other’s gift,” said soloist Theresa Thomason. The chorus is preparing for two shows this weekend, Saturday in Bangor and Sunday in Rockport.“I think the energy coming off the stage is going to be kind of irresistible. It will be a musical avalanche. I mean there are so many people, there is so much sound being made,” explained composer Paul Sullivan. Their last six shows have been sellouts. They’re hoping this weekend will be no different. “It’s explosive. When we have a sellout house and we have over 1,000 people singing songs of transformation of peace and hope, there is a transcendence that I cannot explain in the community spirit of music. It is really, really phenomenal,” said director Mimi Bornstein.On Thursday they rehearsed a new composition, “One Song at a Time”, written by their own composer — and Grammy winner — Paul Sullivan “When you have 140 people wailing away on your song with Theresa soaring on top, I mean, that is a big moment for any composer. I can tell you that. It really is,” added Bornstein. “Music is just that powerful so it would really be a shame if you missed out because it’s like medicine. Come get your medicine,” said Thomason. On Saturday, the chorus performs at Bangor High School in the Peakes Auditorium. The show begins at 7 P.M. On Sunday they’ll be at Camden Hills Regional High School in Rockport. That begins at 4 P.M. Tickets cost just $15 dollars and can be purchased at the door.For more information visit