Brewer Woman Will Spend 23 Years Behind Bars for Sexual Abuse of a Minor 

A Brewer woman will spend the next 23 years behind bars.Kate Dube, 27, pleaded guilty to four counts of gross sexual assault and two counts of exploitation of a child in a Bangor courtroom on Friday.In 2011, a friend of Dube’s found sexually explicit photographs of minors on the 27-year-old’s cell phone. The children in the pictures were a then 7-year-old boy and a toddler-aged girl. Dube was crying as she told the judge she didn’t want to have to put the children involved in this case through a trial. Defense Attorney, Hunter Tzovarras said “All along she knew this was a case she was going to plea guilty. We had hoped for less. Previously we went in front of the judge and asked for less than 17 years, but the judge didn’t accept that. {Dube} was willing to take the 23 {years}.”Deputy District Attorney, Michael Roberts said “It’s a significant sentence, 23 years, given the conduct involved and the vulnerability. We probably would have asked for more after a trial. We have to recognize that saved the victim from putting him through a trial. That obviously would have been very traumatic for him. He’s a 9-year-old. I think it is in his best interest and gives her a significant message.”In a plea agreement with the prosecution, Dube was sentenced to 23 years in prison and then 15 years of supervised release. During those 15 years, she cannot have any contact with the victims or other minors.Dube will also be registered as a sex offender.