Aroostook County Native Celebrates 102nd Birthday 

102 years young, Doris Dow, who resides at Ross Manor in Bangor, celebrated her birthday on Friday.Doris Dow has seen a lot in her lifetime. The Aroostook County native was joined by family members and nursing staff on Friday afternoon, to celebrate a milestone that few people reach.”I thought it was quite exciting. It’s not something that most people do,” said Dow. Her family says she’s still as sharp as ever. She even played piano for her guests. Because of her macular degeneration, she plays from memory, and without sheet music.”After 100 years I’d hope she’d get it right,” said her nephew Stephen Foster. “She used to have us sing songs around the piano, every Sunday,” said her niece Joan Turner. “She entertains us, and she likes to play the piano every day. She is very active. She is just a wonderful, very warm, lady, sweetheart,” said Kathy Hall, activities director for Ross Manor. Perhaps it’s her youthful spirit that has kept her going for all these years. “She took us on trips, and she used to go into the woods with us and climb trees,” added Turner. Perhaps self discipline has kept her healthy. “I’ve tried to live right, and do the right things, but sometimes I’d do the wrong things, but I did the right thing most of the time,” said Dow. She comes from a family with a history or good health and longevity. “Her mother and father lived to celebrate a 75th wedding anniversary, they were both in their late 90’s. Her sister, my mother, was 101,” said Foster. But her advice is simple. Dow says, “I just tell them to live right.””It’s because she is from the county,” said one of her caretakers. Dow agreed saying, “I’m from up north in Aroostook County. We do things right up there.”