Old Waldo-Hancock Bridge Slowly Coming Apart 

A piece of history is slowing coming apart in Prospect, but the process is expected to speed up next month. The demolition of the old Waldo-Hancock Bridge started in November. The biggest part that’s disappeared so far is a section of the bridge deck on the Waldo County side. Right now a huge crane to help with the demolition is being loaded onto a barge in Brewer. They’ll soon be stationed under the 81-year-old bridge.Then sections of steel will be lowered to the barge and hauled away. Department of Transportation engineer Philip Roberts says, “The way the bridge has to come down, they’re taking a section off of either end, almost from the get-go. So you can’t drive out there and do things after that point. You have to do a lot of work off the water.”We’re told work on removing the deck sections will pick up in February. Not all of the bridge will be destroyed – some pieces are also being saved for prosperity. And flags on top of it are being cleaned up to be remounted in a new observation area. The Waldo-Hancock bridge was built in 1931 and was replaced by the Penobscot Narrows Bridge in 2006. Demolition of the old bridge is scheduled to be done in July.