New Breast Cancer Center is the First of its Kind in the Region 

A new surgical practice in Brewer is giving patients new options when it comes to their medical needs and it’s the first of its kind in the region.”It’s everything people need. Come in with a problem and come out when it’s solved.” said Dr. Susan O’Connor, Breast Surgical Specialist.On January 2nd, Eastern Maine Medical Center opened the area’s first Breast Surgical Practice on the third floor of the Lafayette Family Cancer Center in Brewer.For the two surgeons at the center, it’s about so much more than treatment.Physician and Surgeon, Dr. Kimberly Lieber said “A year after I started my first practice my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer.”Leiber saw the organized treatment her mother received. When she teamed up with O’Connor to start this program, they wanted to treat every patient with the same care and approach.”We’re in close proximity to medical oncologist, radiation oncologist, support groups, research nurses, patient advocates, financial support, we do it all,” said O’Connor.The new office, designed by the team that currently works there, is made to embrace each patient. Lieber said “It’s never going to be easy and you need to let every patient and each family kind of deal with experience it in their own way.”O’Connor sees this as the first step for the future of breast cancer treatment. “Every single woman will have a designer treatment plan that’s based on them and their cancer. It’s very different from everybody else.”The new equipment at the office helps people to understand what treatment could work for them. The surgeons also encourage anyone who thinks something just isn’t right with their breast to come in for an examination.