Take This Job & Love It: Home Heating Fuel Delivery 

If you have an idea for an upcoming Take This Job & Love It email Chelsey at [email protected] this Take This Job & Love It our adventurous reporter warmly embraces home heating oil.Chelsey Anderson rode along the delivery route of the company C.H.E.A.P. Oil in the Carmel-Etna area.Chelsey- I worked alongside a 28 year veteran to supply heating fuel on a bitterly cold morning.————-JR- “We’re going to deliver some oil. I hope. We got to put the ticket in the meter and get things set up. Then we run.” Chelsey- “Let’s do it!” JR- “Alright!”Chelsey- “Okay.” JR- “Then push forward and you’re good.” JR- “This is our meter system. It changes the gallons. Product code one is kerosene. You got to push that red button. Push it up. You’re ready to pump.” Chelsey- “Okay, and now we’re ready.” JR- “We’re ready.”JR- “The number one rule in this business is do not drop oil on the ground.” Chelsey- “Okay, I’m going to watch then.” JR- “We go over to the tank and this is basically a bolt and screw. Set it on there. Spin it. Tighten it up until it’s tight. When you crack this open within one second you should hear the whistle start whistling.”Chelsey- “That’s a good sign.” JR- “That’s a good thing.” Chelsey- “How much does this drum actually hold?” JR- “This one here will hold 250 gallons.” Chelsey- “Okay. So that’s done.” JR- “That’s done. When that stops you know your preset is all done so you’re all done.”JR put the hose away while I delivered the ticket. We moved on to another home scheduled for delivery.Chelsey- “I’m going to give it a try. I’m going to try.” JR- “Alright let’s try it!” Chelsey- “one?” JR- “Yes it’s a kerosene product.” Chelsey- “I push it in? And go up?” JR- “Yep.” Now I had to haul the hose, which, when full and all the way pulled out weighed about 150 pounds.Chelsey- “It’s kind of heavy!”Chelsey- “Okay. I don’t want to get anything on the ground. Now I’m safe. Now I just move this out. Okay am I okay to just lay this out on the snow?” JR- “Yep.” Chelsey- “This is not a fast going job for me.”On a cold day like this one JR could have as many as 70 deliveries to make, so he had to be quick about it. I had to keep on moving to get the deliveries made no matter what situation was thrown my way!Chelsey- “This one is a little high up here. Makes it a little more interesting for me. I didn’t know I was supposed to wear my heel boots. And now it’s good?”Chelsey- “So today I headed out with CHEAP Oil and I did my best to try your trade. How did I do?” JR- “Not bad, not bad at all. If we could work a little speed into those short legs I think I’d have me a brand new driver.” Chelsey- “Thanks!”For more information on C.H.E.A.P. Oil call 848-8090 or email [email protected]