Update: Two Sent to Hospital After SUV and School Bus Collide in Dixmont 

An SUV crashed into a school bus in Dixmont Monday afternoon, sending two people to the hospital.The vehicles collided just after 3:30 p.m. on Western Avenue. Penobscot County Sheriff’s Deputies say there were 13 children on the bus along with the driver. None of them were hurt. The driver and passenger of the jeep were taken to a hospital with minor injuries.The driver claimed to be blinded by the sun, causing the crash. Deputy Sheriff James Kennedy says, “The school bus has just stopped, dropping off children at a house. The school but was just starting to take off. The vehicle came up behind the bus, didn’t see the school bus and rear-ended the school bus.”We’re told the roads were clear and the setting sun played a huge factor in the crash. The students were all put on another school bus and dropped off at their regular spots.