Hampden Public Safety Sends Water To Hurricane Sandy Victims 

“Water for New Jersey”. It’s a collective effort between Hampden Public Safety and Sugarloaf Ambulance.They’re trying to provide victims of Superstorm Sandy with clean drinking water, and other essential items.In recent months, volunteers from the groups have made two trips to the affected area, delivering clean clothes and school supplies.Today they loaded more than 100 cases of bottled water into one of the ambulances to be delivered to people in desperate need of help.”It’s one way for folks to help, that didn’t know how to help. We are the collection point,” said Lt. Frank Coombs of Hampden Public Safety. “We’ve got to make it easier for them, give them some water to drink. Last trip we took a bunch of school supplies for children that had no notebooks and pens to go to school with and stuff like that. We’re going to do it again,” explained Ron Morin, owner of Sugarloaf Ambulance. He also tells us that donations from local businesses and community members have been overwhelming.On each of their trips to New Jersey, the ambulances have been carrying supplies at maximum capacity.