Bangor Kennel Takes Part in National Train Your Dog Month 

It’s National Train Your Dog Month and one kennel in Bangor wants to give you some training tips.It’s been four years since the Association of Pet Dog Trainers dedicated this month to man’s best friend. The Green Acres Kennel Shop is holding seminars throughout the month for owners and their dogs.People attended a canine body language event on Saturday where they learned what dogs may be trying to tell owners with their bodies and how your attitude can affect them too.Owners say they want to raise awareness of the important of a well- trained dog. Co-owner of the kennel, Don Hanson said “People get dogs to be companions and they want them to get along with the family, people who come over. People want to take them places and when you’ve got a trained dog, you can do that.”The kennel will be hosting more events throughout the rest of January and beginning of February.If you’d like more information you can head to or “like” them on Facebook.