The Familiar Voice Of Don Brown Returning To Local Radio 

Starting bright and early Monday morning, folks turning on their radios in central Maine will hear a familiar voice talking to them.For many years folks have woken up to the unmistakable voice of Don Brown, who spent 44 years as the radio personality on the WABK morning show. “WABK became an integral part of my life because it was built from the ground floor,” Brown said. “Everybody there was all brand new. It was a different style of radio that was very community oriented. It was personality oriented but it was music oriented too.”That was until Brown’s tenure ended last June. It was a move that shocked Brown and his listeners. “To be honest with you, it’s the toughest thing that ever happened to me, other than the loss of my wife many years ago. It was unexpected. It’s very difficult to say we’re gonna change what we’re doing and you’re no longer with us.”Because of a non-compete contract Brown had signed, he’s had to stay away from radio for the past six months. He says the sabbatical has given him time to think and reflect on a broadcasting career that started in television in 1957 and spanned more than half a century. “After 40+ years, it’s awfully tough to stop doing what I’ve been doing for all that time,” he said. “It’s been a tough six months, but it’s been a good six months. In fact I’m gonna send them a thank you card.”Starting Monday morning, Don Brown, now 72, will be back doing what he loves, waking up central Maine radio listeners on 93.5 morning show playing music he says fits his personality to a tee: oldies. “As it stands right now, it’s been a rebirth, ever since I started coming up here about two weeks ago and getting in here every day. I was on yesterday afternoon and the energy is coming back and I’m looking forward to Monday morning.”