South Portland Police Offers to Take Unwanted Guns 

South Portland Police are offering to take unwanted guns.They say they’ll take possession of any firearm and make sure it’s destroyed, with no questions asked.”Any firearm that’s in the house that people don’t feel comfortable with.” South Portland Police Leutenant Frank Clark says people often find guns in their homes or simply make a social decision to no longer own one. If they’re not looking to make money, police will take it.”They’re just simply trying to get rid of the weapon. They don’t want it: they don’t want to give it to someone else. They just want to make sure it’s disposed of properly and safely.”Police say this is not an effort to eraticate guns from the city. They’re the first to recognize the many responsible gun owners, but if nothing else, they hope by better publicizing their effort it sparks conversation.”Even if they decided not to turn their guns over to the police department, if they’re at least talking about it in their own home saying, ‘what guns do I have here? Who are they accessable to?'”Since 9-11, nearly 12 years ago, most pawn shops will no longer deal with firearms. Shop owners in Southern Maine tell us there’s just too much federal paperwork involved, but, here at police headquarters, it’s as simple as turning the gun in, any gun, even if illegal, no questions asked.. “Quite honestly if we take in one gun or 101 guns in this effort, it’ll be a success because the bottom line it’s about gun safety not gun control.”