Weight Watchers: Amazing Space 

New year, means new goals. For a lot of people that means taking control of their weight. Jackie Conn joined Carolyn Callahan on TV5 News at 5 to talk about space.AMAZING SPACE!Foliage in the Fridge: Keep fruits and vegetables prepared to eat and easy to grabLeave it out of the Living Room: Make your living room a “no food/no drink” area.Better Bed: It’s been proven that a good night’s sleep promotes healthy weight. If you have a less-than-great mattress consider replacing it or getting a mattress topper.Orderly Office: Keep a stash of nutritious, lower-calorie snacks to help you stay away from the chips and candy bars in the vending machines.Exercise your Environment: Keep your equipment cleared of clutter and keep a pair if comfortable shoes with you at all times.