Police: Checks Being Stolen from Mailboxes, Cashed at Home Depot 

Ellsworth police say checks being mailed out to pay bills are being stolen and cashed. Police say six people in parts of Ellsworth and Trenton have reported their checks are being taken from mailboxes and cashed at the Home Depot in Ellsworth. Police suggest that everyone check their bank statements, and if there are any unauthorized payments, call police. Police are also telling people to mail checks from a post office instead of leaving them in mailboxes. Ellsworth police say they do not believe Home Depot employees are a part of the crime. Police say the check is read through an electronic reader, and then given back to the person cashing it. The thief is reportedly erasing, bleaching out, or scribbling over the original name on the check. If you are a victim or have any information, call the Ellsworth Police Department 667-2168.