High Winds Continue to Suspend Search for Snowmobilers 

High winds and bitter cold have again suspended the search for three missing snowmobilers.Game wardens say their sleds went onto open water on Rangeley Lake Sunday night. It’s believed they did not survive.Maine Game Wardens say four people, from two separate parties, went in and never resurfaced Sunday night.Rescuers recovered the body of a woman, 45 year old Dawn Newell of Durham. She was riding with her teenage son, who ditched his sled as he watched as his mother went in. Authorities say he was able to crawl to safety.Wardens say the mother and son had met a group of three men on the trail, who were trying to find their way back to Sugarloaf.It was Sunday night at about 7:00.”Once they broke out past the cove they split and went different ways, unfortunately both different parities entered the water from the evidence we found.”They found three helmets they believe belonged to the three men, cousins Kennenth and Glen Henderson, and John Spencer, a good friend.They posted a photo on Facebook hours before they were reported missing, telling friends one of their sleds had broken down.”Kenny called his wife saying ‘we’re lost, but we think we know where to go.'” That was the last anyone heard from the men. Missy Morgan, a friend to all three, hoping they somehow survived.”Everybody is going to be just devastated. This is just an awful, awful tragedy.”She says they were fathers, husbands and friends.”They were three of the most fun-loving, life-of-the-party, best guys you’ll ever meet.Morgan said the men were racers at Oxford Plains Speedway. Not knowing what to do with her grief, she’s organzied a candlelight vigil in the raceway parking at 7:00, but first she enlisted the help of friends to help her plow the snow-covered lot.”It’s awful. Definitely not a way to start 2012 but we can all come here tomorrow and do the best that we can for the families, even if this is all we can do.”