Presque Isle Creates Public Housing for Horses 

A brand new building now stands in the Catholic Charities parking lot in Presque Isle, but it isn’t for people: it’s for horses.”I’ve been working closely with the Amish community in trying to get someplace for their horses when they bring their horses to town, to park them, so they’re in a safe controlled environment.”And Shaw has been successful! The building, which was designed and built by the Amish, will now accommodate up to two horses at a time, keeping them safe, fed and watered through the cold of winter, heat of summer or any rain, thunder or snow storm, and Shaw says they are hoping this is only the beginning.”We’re hoping to replicate this throughout town. We’re hoping other businesses will see that it’s a worthwhile cause to have these available because the Amish are here and they come to town and they spend money in our community and as tight as this economy is, we need all the help we can get. I think this welcomes them and says come on in and be comfortable. You’re horse can be comfortable and you can be comfortable while you’re doing your errands around town.”Overall, Shaw says, although there may be a few bugs to work out over the next few months, this is a win-win situation for everyone involved and both Shaw and the Amish community are looking forward to seeing more horse shelters going up throughout the city.”They are so thankful and so grateful to have this opportunity and they are more than willing to work with other businesses and areas throughout town to do the same thing again.”The shelter will be available year-round and you do not have to be Amish to use it. It is open to the community to use as a temporary horse shelter also.Should you encounter an Amish horse tied up, you should leave it alone. They are work horses, and are very different from pet horses.